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WEATHERING. MAGAZINE. Mig Jimenez t was when I first attended the Trucks & Tracks show at Folke- stone, in southern England. I was going to a show . The Weathering Magazine Issue 7 - Snow-Ice - superunitedkingdom - dokument [ *.pdf] 4 ISSUES YEAR 1 THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. The Weathering Magazine Issue 1 - Rust - superunitedkingdom - dokument [*.pdf ] CREDITS Publisher AK Interactive S.L. Fernando Vallejo Chief Editor John.

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The Weathering Magazine - Issue 20 (June 2017)

Your chosen terms will automatically renew unless auto-renew is cancelled in your subscription area 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. Digital subscriptions are available across all devices and include all regular issues released during your subscription. Each issue delivers to you, the most advanced weathering techniques and the related products used to achieve incredible results.

Each issue will address in depth a specific topic to help us focus throughout the weathering process. In The Weathering Magazine, talented modellers from around the world will demonstrate and teach us the best and most advanced techniques to achieve the most realistic look for our models. Available version.

Add to Cart. Prefer to send a gift voucher? Displays both rust chips and scratches on the front fender as well long rust streaks from the headlight guards due to the vehicle being stored outside for a period of time.

On the side of this railway locomotive it is interesting to see that not all rust streaks are bright orange.

The Weathering Magazine 01

In just this one picture there are many weathering effects to be seen offering great references for many forms of scale modelling. Even on a modern warship such as the USS Essex LHD-2, we can still see it is affected by rust and after long operational deployments the hull sides can be completely cover in rust streaks. Could this be the ultimate photo to demonstrate both rust streaking and chipped paint effects?

It would be a real test of ones painting skills to replicate this on a model. This T at the tank graveyard in Kabul, Afghanistan has received a lot of battle damage to the turret and each of the shell and bullet marks has generated an area of rust around each impact.

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This rusting will happen in only a few hours after it has happened. Of interest are the many small rust coloured rain streaks fanning out from their point of origin. This sheet metal engine cover suffers from some serious surface rust. There is also rust staining around some of these patches. This rather battered looking Kubelwagen exhibits some great reference with the badly rusted front fender. Everybody knows that there are many methods used to paint rust effects.

RU We have selected a very popular and attractive vehicle. The idea is to create an old rusty Beetle with two different sides.

It is important to apply different densities for variation. We apply diluted with water if necessary. This way we create a strong resistant base of the appropriate rust colour.

AK Dark Brown. After varnishing with a satin varnish AK We also have the choice of mixing our own shades and also combining different products.

Pigments for weathering are also available in the form of pastel chalk sticks. With so many products to choose from. In this section we are displaying only the tip of the iceberg of what products are available to the modeller today.


To produce rust effects we can use enamel-based paints. While we are discussing pigments. This can spoil the effect we are trying to achieve 3 4 Among all available enamels. Humbrol became the name we most associated with enamel paints and or years modellers experimented and developed techniques using these paints as a basis and it has only been since acrylics come to the forefront that we realised the smell is strong with these paints. AK Interactive has developed the exception.

ACRYLICS The advantages with acrylic paints are that they offer great coverage and dry extremely quickly and a safer to work with than enamels or lacquer based products. The disadvantages with enamels are when they are thinned right down.

Even though they are enamel based. Easily imitate the rust streaks over any surface. Probably the biggest single advantage with working with acrylics is the can be thinned and any brushes washed and cleaned using regular tap water.

There are a variety of colors for rust effects. The four rust tones in the LifeColor set provide a great starting point for some superb rust effects and are the colours we have used for some of the rust effects used on our VK P.

Vallejo Acrylics produce a huge range of modelling paints. AK Interactive produces a very good d d set off ffour rust colours in their Chipping and Rust set. In their panzer Aces line for example.

It has become very useful for the popular Friulmodel Tracks which are cast in white metal. Another interesting product used to create natural rust is the Metal Burnishing Fluid.

While using a stiff brush to remove the air bubbles from the tracks. Included in the set.

This product can rust any metal part. Paint a piece with the iron paint. This product has two parts. You will see how with time.. Simply clean the tracks with acetone using a stiff brush. Just as with oil paints. The use of these pigments has grown immensely in recent years have now incredibly popular and used in the weathering all other forms of scale modelling.

The disadvantages with oil paints are generally the long drying time. A good quality oil paint can be thinned with turpentine or white spirit to produce amazingly subtle washes. We can see that even the Scenic Rust has produced a number of different shades rust on this small test sample. Artists have used pastel powders for hundreds of years and more recently specialised pigments have been developed and used by railway modelers to add weathering to locomotives and rolling stock.

Like most other types of paint medium they are produced by many different manufacturers and the quality can vary greatly. The best advice is to study your references and have fun experimenting with some of the many amazing products now available to us. They can also be mixed with enamels or varnishes to create glossy effects to replicate oil or fuel stains and spills for example. Pigments are the perfect tool for adding dust. It is mainly organized by Tamiya and here the best Asian modellers display their latest creations in the most grand exposition area that you can imagine.

If you have the opportunity. Be a good boy and leave your models clean of dust.

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If you are scared. The worst offenders are those who follow the line of thinking that models must be clean and absent of dust and dirt.. Cross the line and enter in the dark side of the modelling.. But in our opinion. But these modelers are so focus in their idea and they cannot see anything around them.. I have noticed how many modeller follow others.. Where did they come up with that idea?? They simply follow others like sheep.

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Related titles. Advanced techniques painting and weathering military vehicles vol2. Jump to Page. Search inside document. LR LR www. Marius Mocanu. Pepe Gayo. Jacob Baker. Scale Projek. Funk A Gogo.

Felixz Giatama. Aydin Sahin. More From Darcco Fakafel. Darcco Fakafel. Miba Spezial 41 Perfekte Anlagenplanung - Hintergrund.In just this one picture there are many weathering effects to be seen offering great references for many forms of scale modelling.

This may take a bit of practice to perfect. Next we can start to add weathering to the large en- gine-access cover and for this we will be using Winter Streaking Grime. Probably the biggest single advantage with working with acrylics is the can be thinned and any brushes washed and cleaned using regular tap water.

Magazine — He will always look for the most difficult subjects, the unique and special projects, and for these he will use his products and appropriate techniques to meet the challenge of his imagination. Humbrol became the name we most associated with enamel paints and or years modellers experimented and developed techniques using these paints as a basis and it has only been since acrylics come to the forefront that we realised the smell is strong with these paints.

In this issue bring you step by step articles focused on representing all the effects that can be seen on contact surfaces such as wheels, tracks, wings, and even boots!

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