Girl, Inttrrupted In the parallel universe the laws of physics are suspended. Susanna Kaysen was seen by me on April 27, ?; following my evaluation. Download PDF Girl, Interrupted, PDF Download Girl, Interrupted, Download Book Details Author: Susanna Kaysen Pages: Publisher. This books (Girl, Interrupted [PDF]) Made by Susanna Kaysen About Books Girl, Interrupted To Download Please Click.

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In , after a session with a psychiatrist she'd never seen before, eighteen- year-old Susanna Kaysen was put in a taxi and sent to McLean Hospital. She. Emmanuel Amponsah Amponsah 1 English Dr. Grubbs 2/27/13 “Susanna Kaysen: In Girl, Interrupted” Girl, Interrupted is a book written by Susanna. Editorial Reviews. Review. When reality got "too dense" for year -old Susanna Kaysen, she was hospitalized. It was , and reality was too.

She constantly believes herself as not being a real person or not truly being there in person.

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Susanna is then evaluated by her doctor who decides that it was best for her to be admitted into McLean hospital. Susanna is room mating with a girl name Georgina.

Georgina is in for continuous attempts of suicide and cutting her wrist. Susanna and Kaysen become very good friends since they both share Summary part II the same disorder. Susanna has a friend name Mike who was her boyfriend before she was put in McLean. He feels Susanna is not as crazy as some of the other girls in McLean.

He tries to sneak Susanna out and flea to London but she starts to feel that maybe she is where she belongs. Susanna became very interested in art.

She begins to go to numerous art galleries which is where she meets a guy name Dave who shares the same interest as her.

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Susanna knew that if she wanted this to be a successful relationship she would have to tell him that she is in a mental hospital.

Susanna sits Dave down to tell him the truth. A year later Dave proposes to Susanna.

In McLean if you receive a marriage proposal you instantly are able to check out of the hospital. Susanna goes back to McLean to tell the head nurse and her doctor that she just got engaed. Susanna realizes this is her chance to get a start to a normal life.

As a marriage gift Dave takes Susanna to a new art gallery that had just opened. While there Susanna is quickly drawn to a painting of a girl surrounded by bright flashes of colors.

She tells Dave that this represents her. Susanna Kaysen Susanna Kaysen was born in Cambridge Massachusetts and spent her childhood like a normal child.

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She attended the Commonwealth school in Boston until she was sent to Mclean hospital in for psychiatric treatment for her depression. Susanna was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

She was released after 18 months due to a marriage proposal she received. The way Kaysen described herself in the book really makes you think about your own mental evaluation. I liked how Susanna explained the scene when she was at the ice cream parlor and saw the black and white checkered board floor and in her mind it made her confused. For someone like her who had borderline personality disorder it just made life harder to comprehend.

I would tell someone to read this book and see if they find themselves questioning there own sanity.

Girl Interrupted by: Susanna Kaysen

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Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties.Susanna is room mating with a girl name Georgina. Whatcomparison can we make between the way Susanna sees their lives and the way she sees her own? Wick will react to, during their sessions together.

Alice Calais At first Alice seems quiet and, in Kaysen's words, "not too crazy"; but after about a month she breaks down and is taken to maximum security.

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