, 40M. Manual of Exalted Po..> , 26M. Manual of Exalted Po..> , 25M. Manual of Exalted Po..> The Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals (Exalted RPG). Gifted with power by the Five Maidens, the Sidereal Exalted were once trusted Viziers to the Old. of the Sidereal Exalted, also called the Viziers or the Seers. These are the chosen mortal vessels for the power of one of the Five Maidens, who are among the.

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Exalted: The Sidereals - Born Beneath the Stars of ProphecyThey travel among PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (4 ratings). Born Beneath the. KWH. [+] Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals [PDF]. Detail ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. Author: Alan Alexander Pages: pages Publisher: White Wolf. Index of /public/Books/tronunbucambrin.tk 2nd Edition/Manuals of Exalted Sep 37M Manual of Exalted Power - tronunbucambrin.tk Sep 83M Manual of Exalted Power - tronunbucambrin.tk Sep 25M.

For various reasons, they loathe the Celestial Bureaucracy. Their purview and power is more limited than the Celestial gods, such as a city or a specific type of tree.

Their proximity to mortals means that they're the gods most likely to bully them, but also the ones most likely to cut a deal with. Elementals[ edit ] Elementals are terrestrial spirits devoted to ensuring a small, local purview functions properly. They are also arranged into the Elemental Courts. While numerous, each Elemental is a unique sentient being and has its place in Fate. Most Elemental beings are noticeably drawn from Earth mythology.

Little Gods[ edit ] Little Gods are the barely-aware deities of common objects. They interact with other little gods behind the scenes and generally ensure that things work properly. For example, a lumberjack goes to fell a tree: The axe's little god informs the tree's little god that it should probably fall down now.

Usually it will, and the Loom of Fate makes a note of the fact and everything continues on its merry way. Other times, the tree doesn't fall or fall in the right direction, or falls, say, purple and the Bureau of Destiny might dispatch a Sidereal to figure out what the problem is.

Primordials [ edit ] The Primordials made Creation from the infinite possibility of the Wyld. They are beings beyond measure, and composed of many subsidiary souls. They are defined by their Third Circle souls, and most importantly by their Fetich Soul though it might be that they define their souls. During the Primordial War, those who lost all of their Third Circle souls died and became the Neverborn, while those who survived with some intact became the Yozis.

Exalted 2nd edition dragon blooded pdf

Neverborn[ edit ] Slain during the Primordial war, they fell through the fabric of Creation and left Shadowlands in their wake. As they conceived of a state of 'not being', Oblivion was born.

Similarly, their unconscious thoughts created the Underworld, now more static and unchanging to fit their ideals. Like all ghosts, the Neverborn have fetters to Creation and were unable to truly fall into Oblivion. In fact, as they created the world, they have the strongest fetters of all undead. They realized that the only way to achieve their goal of true death was to destroy their fetters, all of Creation.

At first, they were more fearful of the Exalted than anything and half-asleep besides the fact. When the Black Nadir Concordat intruded into their tomb-cities and stole the secrets of Necromancy, they were roused to wakefulness and incredibly angry.

Though dead, the Neverborn are still incredibly powerful and command hosts of Abyssal Exalts, Deathlords, Hekatonkhires, and Spectres. Remember Tolkien's description of Sauron's fate at the end of Lord of the Rings? That's the Neverborn. The tragedy isn't that they're "dead", because beings that huge can't actually die - the very concept of Death is beyond them since they didn't build Creation to handle them dying. The tragedy is that they're so obsessed with something they've already lost that they can't look past it.

They're all caught in a permanent, inescapable angst-loop, and if any of them could just sit up and notice they could abandon their forms and go back to the Wyld.

But instead, they sit and spiral further into their "we got our asses handed to us and now our favorite toy is gone" drain-circling, and the psychic emanation of their collective regret has created an entire Underworld for similarly-resonant souls to live out their own miserable pathos.

Unlike the Yozi, and unlike the truly Dead, the Neverborn are simply incapable of noticing anything that might free them from their eternity of navel-gazing. They have nothing left but self-hatred, and the desire to see everything else wind up even more screwed than they were. No wonder the Ebon Dragon likes them so much.

They then swore many oaths, some known only to the Unconquered Sun, for they are engraved into the haft of the Orichalcum spear he wields. The Yozis feel nothing but anger for their betrayal and diminution at the hands of the Exalted and the Gods, and plot to return the favour. The Yozi known as the Ebon Dragon the Primordial responsible for the concept of Opposition: he created honesty so he could be dishonest, loyalty so he could be treacherous, and virtue so he could be its antithesis.

In order to talk to you he has to turn himself into exactly what you personally most despise and fear. Not a nice guy! Which has been going roughly as well as you might expect. You really gonna trust this fucker? An unknown number of Yozi Cults also flourish in Creation, aiming to learn demonic practices and perhaps ultimately bring the true masters of Creation back to their world. It's worth noting that those oaths mean that unlike the Neverborn, the Yozis can't act too openly to fuck up Creation, else they get called before the Incarnae to account for their actions.

What happens next is likely Akumas[ edit ] An Akuma is a mortal or Exalt who has been granted a measure of power by an Yozi, but essentially becomes a puppet of that Primordial, devoid of free will. While this sounds like a horrible trade, the Yozi are very convincing even when they aren't just lying about it and some people are incredibly power-hungry.

The Green Sun Princes read: Infernal Exalted , the 50 Solar Shards altered by the Yozis, are not Akuma, though there are enough similarities that the two frequently get confused. Demons[ edit ] The lower souls of the Yozis are called Demons now. Thanks to the terms of the Yozis' surrender, they can be summoned into Creation and ordered around. This is difficult for mortal occultists, since Demons can be very willful, but prepared Exalted sorcerers usually don't have too much of a problem with this.

There are specific astrological condition required. For example, the strongest ones, Third Circle Demons, can only be summoned during a five day window called Calibration once a year. They are, however, the products of a nightmarish culture created, ruled by, and located inside of a number of beings that are almost as unnecessarily assholish as they are bugfuck nuts. They may be capable of moral choice like humans, but that doesn't automatically made them good people either.

Unless you're a Sidereal with the charm that lets you essentially put them into the Witness Protection Program for services rendered, tread lightly. Primordials Who aren't dead or imprisoned [ edit ] Autochthon[ edit ] Autochthon was the Primordial who created much of the technology and industry of Creation. Including the Loom of Fate that enforces causality in creation. He was not well regarded or well-treated by his peers and resented them greatly.

During the Primordial War, he sided with the Gods and helped arm their Exalted. After the War, when asked to put a geas on his Mountain Folk, he worried the Exalted would turn on him next. Gathering up his loyal followers he departed Creation for Elsewhere, sealing the way behind him with the Seal of Eight Divinities. Gaia[ edit ] Gaia sat the war out, thanks to Luna's insistence. The Five Elemental Dragons are her creations, as of third edition it is unclear if they are her subsouls or just spirits she made.

She is not often spoken of, and seems to have no agenda beyond leaving most of herself behind in heaven and then running around the wyld looking for 'answers'. Jadeborn [ edit ] The Dwarves of the Exalted setting, also called the mountain folk because they live in mountains. They are divided into three castes, the Artisans, the Workers, and the Warriors.

The Artisans are the leaders while the workers work and supply the Warriors who are in a constant fight against the Darkbrood. They were originally created by Autochthon when he found some of the Rakasha trapped in blocks of Jade.

He then formed them into the first Jadeborn. Eventually they evolved into a caste system with some of the workers and warriors having an exalted like tendency called enlightenment. The Jadeborn provided many of the wonders of the first age and had such technology that they were cursed by the unconquered sun to never roam the surface of Creation without being lead by a member of the exalted.

Dragon Kings[ edit ] The Dragon Kings are large lizard-like beings of great power, resembling dinosaurs. The Dragon Kings are sworn in allegiance to the Unconquered Sun, their creator.

Before the time of the Exalted, the Dragon Kings ruled Creation and the mortals who dwelt there, but as the methods of Exaltation were crafted and improved they become obsolete in the gods' eyes.

Think inca and aztec style biped dinuars. The Unconquered Sun used them as powerful servants to his chosen whom they served faithfully, honoring their Exalted brethren. After the First Age ended in war and disease, few survived.

Their numbers grow slowly but steadily in the Second Age, though the once great Dragon Kings remain hidden in the furthest corners of Creation. Their most powerful stronghold would be the Aztec-flavoured Rathess, an ancient home filled with a variety of powerful artifacts made by the Dragon Kings in the glory days of the First Age.

Exalted 2nd Edition Dragon Blooded PDF

There are four types of Dragon Kings, each living in a direction of Creation; the graceful flying Pterok North , the nimble and lithe Raptok East , the powerful and loyal Anklok South , and the clever amphibious Mosok West. Fair Folk[ edit ] The Fair Folk are creatures composed of raw Essence, and inhabit the Wyld — the place that exists between the ordered Creation and pure Chaos. Inhuman and beautiful beings born from chaos, they feed on the dreams and aspirations of the inhabitants of Creation in order to give them strength and form in their own intermediate realm.

In essence, they are the "kissing cousins" of the Primordials; their territory having been pushed back when the Primordials formed Creation. They prey upon the dreams of mortals and do a brisk trade with the Guild a powerful economic organization in Creation in slaves The Raksha are divided into four castes: Diplomats, who favor the Staff Grace and the virtue of Conviction; Entertainers, who favor the Cup Grace and the virtue of Compassion; Warriors, who favor the Sword Grace and the virtue of Valor, and Workers, who favor the Ring Grace and the virtue of Temperance.

Noble Raksha belong to two of the four castes, favoring the graces and virtues of both. There is also a fifth Grace, the Heart Grace, which is associated with identity and the trait of Willpower. Graces are differing outlets for the use of Essence and are similar to the suits of tarot. The most powerful of the Fair Folk are the Unshaped. Unlike the Raksha, the Unshaped are unable to survive within Creation for extended periods of time, each Unshaped is actually a symbiotic cluster of Fair Folk consisting of a single "guiding intelligence" and one or more "subsidiary intelligences" with no true form.

Being born from a place of fluid reality that resembles a Loony Tunes skit as much as it does creation, fair folk have difficulty functioning like "real" people.

For one thing they suffer from "calcification", their natural unshaped forms are incompatible with creation's stagnant, static existence. Even when they take on a semi-real shape as a Rakasha they bleed essence while in creation and must feed on dreams and souls to keep themselves alive. Secondly a fair folk's emotions and virtues are entirely artificial, represented by their graces.

When their phony identities break down they suffer from 'Bedlam'. This can have effects such as losing the ability to comprehend that other people aren't just figments of his imagination conviction or forgetting that he is capable of inflicting harm on others valor. Ghosts[ edit ] Ever since the Neverborn's death broke the cycle of reincarnation, those who die with their business unfinished turn up as Ghosts in the Underworld.

Ghosts who settle their business can pass into Lethe as they should have and reincarnate. Those who give into the Whispers of Oblivion usually by wandering the Labyrinth turn into crazed Spectres intent on spreading the word of Oblivion by force. Their third option is to toss themselves into the Mouth of Oblivion and utterly cease to exist.

Deathlords[ edit ] Ghosts of 13 First Age Solars who died during the Usurpation, they took the Neverborn's offer of real, ultimate power in exchange for promising to drop all of Creation into Oblivion. They are rather bitter and psychologically maladjusted from the Usurpation. Each one is pretty unique in their psychosis and plots. Some are making more headway than others. Others have suffered rather embarrassing setbacks, and are dealt with harshly by their Neverborn masters.

As may be expected, they like to fight and argue with each other a lot, which makes even some of their greatest successes a comedy of errors. The Great Contagion, as previously mentioned? Yeah, the only reason it only killed most of all life in Creation was because two other Deathlords, The Eye and Seven Despairs and The First and Forsaken Lion, went out and invited the fair folk to invade Creation, which ended up uniting all of Creation against a common cause, and gave the world the strength and focus to endure the plague, plus it screwed enough with creation's reality that the plague stopped working right.

The other thing that seems to get in the way them succeeding are, ironically, the Neverborn themselves. As they Neverborn hate the state they are in, they hate it when the Deathlords don't preform to total perfection and brutally punish them for it.

The First and Forsaken Lion, for example, is actually waiting to come up with a plan because he wants to be sure the plan will work out of fear it might not and getting punished like when he displeased the Neverborn in the past. Currently running a rather large suicide cult based in Creation's equivalent of the Gobi Desert.

Index of /rpg/books/exa/Exalted 2nd Edition/Manual of Exalted Power

Might actually be onto something, because going on genocidal killing sprees generally just causes souls to reincarnate rather than become ghosts or fall into Oblivion.

Also, his battle form is covered in dicks, absolutely no explanation is given might be a commentary on sex abuse in the clergy, but he's always been characterized as too crazy to really take an interest in procreation or understand human biology.

He's building a giant fuck-you Creation fleet of sci-fi ships out of ghosts. Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils: the Deathlord responsible for the Great Contagion which she pulled out of a portal to an alternate universe, Exalted is weird like that.

Exalted 2nd edition dragon blooded pdf

Currently running an "orphanage" populated by children she herself has orphaned, with the building's furniture being made out of the ghost's of the orphans' parents.

When they reach a certain age, she either lets them go free to have kids that she then orphans to start the cycle anew or she kills all but the most traumatized one, smelts their souls into soulsteel, and Exalts the survivor and gives her weapons made out of her friends.

Because she's crazy evil like that. Eye and Seven Despairs: was horribly abused by other Solars in life, currently using the Abyssal exaltations of those same Solars in a game of navel gazey torture revenge porn rather than doing his job which he used to be rather good at. That's about the beginning and end of his canon characterization, good Storytellers usually give him other motivations though, like the whole revenge porn thing being a ploy, or a method to terrify his Abyssals into subservience.

Currently camping out in the southern underworld building a fuckass huge ghost army and trying to figure out a plan that doesn't cause his bosses to torture him again. Also may or may not have been brainwashed by his masters into being Tsundere for The Princess Magnificent. The Bodhisattva is legit terrified of her and chose his current location in part to be as far as possible from her. Main Deathlord in the games. Conquered the city of Thorns using a fortress made out of an undead giant, the Realm and the rest of Creation collectively shat a brick in reaction and are currently panicking thinking of an appropriate response.

Most likely to be your Abyssal PC's shitty boss. The Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Feathers: third biggest fuckup amongst the Deathlords after FaFL and Eye, was chased out of her own fortress by nothing more than a story about how she would be defeated granted, it was a magic story was told by gods, but it was still a hail mary shot in the dark.

Was punished by being made subordinate to FaFL who, as mentioned before, is creepy Tsundere for her. Walker in Darkness: has no memory of his life as a Solar Mask of Winters killed him using a weapon that destroyed memories back when they were still made of meat , meaning he has no grasp beyond the basic of how his own Abyssals work.

Still hates Mask of Winters though, but has no idea why. Four other Deathlords for the storyteller to create in the above aren't good enough. Occasionally the Neverborn's thoughts birth a new one. Hekatonkhires are unique and very powerful beings. Imagine undead Cthulhu's zombie kidneys, as a roaming monster.

Mortals[ edit ] Everyone else. Mortals are unable to channel essence unless they become sorcerers, which is no easy task and won't give them the strength to match an Exalt anyway and thus are at a severe disadvantage. While Exalted is largely a cinematic and epic game, it is grim and gritty for Mortals. Their only real advantage is numbers. The most prominent mortals, Humans, were created by the Primordials to provide prayer and the subsequent ambrosia and quintessence in Yu-Shan, and nearly all Exalted are of Human stock.

There are sub races of humans however some for instance are products of first age bioengineering such as the Air folk who can glide through the air on wings. Martial Arts[ edit ] Considering all the shoutouts to Ramayana: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, or Legends of the Wulin , then it must be noted that another really big part of Exalted are its many magical martial arts that a character can learn in the game. The magical martial arts in Exalted are a key aspect of what can make a good combat character into an ungodly god-killing machine, but there are also strange and down-right weird martial arts that will let you do things that even the greatest of wuxia movie director can only dream of.

Every style tends to have a form weapon or two, a specific weapon that the style functions with - such as one-handed swords, spears, hook-swords and so on. Crunch-wise, if using a given martial art's form weapon, then that character counts as using unarmed attacks.

As a general rule, then using a form-weapon is always better than fighting bare-handed, unless its a style that doesn't allow form weapons at all, but then there's usually a reason for that Not all styles work while wearing armor, but the ones that don't tend to contain charms that compensate for this, either through charms that grant extra damage soak, or charms that make the martial artist really difficult to actually hit in the first place.

Or if hit you just shatter because you were in fact just a [ mirror clone ], or you absorb the punch into the infinite depths of the ocean, or because after landing your last hit your opponent exploded into the chunkiest of salsa. The martial arts in Exalted are tiered as follows: Mortal Martial Arts[ edit ] That's it, non-magical stuff available to everyone. Mentioned only because you need some training in these before moving on to good stuff.

Unlike the magical martial arts, then normie martial art skills are represented via dots in Brawl or Martial Arts abilities, depending on what edition you're playing in.

Terrestrial Martial Arts[ edit ] Dragonblooded, being the weakest but most numerous of the exalted, can normally only learn these magical martial arts. Mechanically they don't do all that much, but they'll let even the weakest dragonblooded exalted fight the strongest of mortal men or low level demons quite effectively, parrying swords bare-handed and whatnot like a boss.

This is your basic "I punch the bad guy's minion, my fists blazes with elemental power, and he dies" martial art. It should be noted that unless its an all-DB game, no player ever really wants to touch these. Also, mortal sorcerers and other people with unlocked essence can learn these. Celestial Martial Arts[ edit ] CMAs are the most common martial arts in the game, and while blocked to Dragonblooded unless they get some special training, then everyone else usually goes for these.

The effects players can gain from these martial arts are what most people will think of when thinking magical martial arts. A good example of this from 2nd edition was Solar Hero Style, AKA [ Fist of the Daystar Style ], which can allow a player character to punch people so hard that they'll fly off several dozen yards and take damage if they hit stuff on the way, or throw people around like ragdolls, or kick down massive castle walls or gates with a single blow.

Think Dragon Ball Z style fighting without energy beams and you'll only be wrong on the parts where it doesn't matter. Of other commonly seen CMAs there are the five Celestial Dragon styles, which can reasonably easily be summon up as "Avatar the last airbender, only they kills people and spirits really damn good". Celestial Water Dragon style lets you scream a tsunami to melt faces, Fire Dragon style can let you light other people's essence on fire inside them, making them burn from within, and so on.

Any Solar is wise to take heed when facing a master of any of these styles, as they can turn an otherwise unassuming Dragonblooded exalt into a major threat, very quickly. Of course, there are also far more exotic CMAs, such as Crystal Chameleon style, which can best be described as "Ninja disco style".

There's also Celestial Monkey style which has a fun little charm that lets you punch people in their virtues for extra damage and valor is apparently rooted in the groin If you liked Tron, then the Alchemicals have access to a martial art that is basically disc combat, but made for chainsaw discs you throw around for deadly and very messy effect.

There are loads of other styles, such Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style which is best fought in ball-gowns as a pretty princess, or Laughing wound style which best practiced by first slashing your wrists and conjuring whips of blood from the cuts. In short, there's a martial art for every kind of character concept in Exalted.

Also, there's one that lets you fight with your dick though it was invented by demon. This is true, and its not even the most impressive thing you can do in that particular style. Dragonblooded can, RAW, not learn SMAs at all, and outside of Sidereals then others need to find someone A sidereal usually who'll train them - this isn't something a character is supposed to develop on their own.

Border of Kaleidoscopic Logic Style lets you punch people in their sanity, driving them mad and then fighting them inside their mind as abstract concepts. Charcoal March of the Spider style emulates the pattern spiders that run reality, meaning that you punch people in their reality. This is the "punch people into ducks" style. Citrine Poxes of Contagion Style punches you in the health, making your targets magically sick.

Obsidian Shards of Infinity Style is The game describes Obsidian Shards of Infinity Style by saying "[the style] holds a mirror to Creation and breaks it" - and that putting it really mildly. Mirror clones, mirror dimensions, and being able to gleam possible different futures Combat with Battlewheel Tutorial This is a pdf of Kasumi's famous and excellent Exalted Combat tutorial together with additional material to demonstrate the use of a Battlewheel an ingenious device that makes Exalted Combat easier.

You can download a Battlewheel further down this page, or at loads of other places on the web. Combat A stylish pdf version of Kasumi's Combat Exalted 2e Character Sheets -- New Style The following character sheets are designed to cover some of the deficiencies found in White-wolf's official Exalted second edition character sheets. They are entirely new designs though both Voidstate's and Democritus' sheets have served as inspiration. These sheets are designed for use with a battle-wheel and the charm cards linked later on this page, as a result they don't have spaces for charms or current DV and tick tracking on them.

They're also less ugly than my old style sheets. If you want to modify these sheets yourself drop me an email at james. These particular sheets are for use with the Social Conflict System found at Fixalted. Versions for use with the standard social combat system are bellow. The sheets bellow are all designed for use with the unmodified Exalted 2nd Edition rules.

Extras A sheet for keeping track of the many extras the average GM needs to keep track of. Other play Aids These play aids are for use during games of Exalted 2nd Edition. The Tracker sheets are intended to be printed out, laminated, and placed on the table in front of each player -- small counters can then be placed upon them to help keep track of frequently changing values.

Battlewheel A Battlewheel for keeping track of ticks during combat.They won, with the help of two traitor Primordials, Gaia and Autochthon, slaying some of the creators, and forcing the rest to surrender.

They retain access to their native charm set and gain the ability to learn and use their patron Yozi's Infernal charms. Devas are the spiritual entities spawned from Primordials; while this includes the Yozis, it also extends to unbound Primordials such as Gaia and Autochthon. Rules for creating a Mortal or Exalted member of a Crafted Race are presented in the 2nd edition book, Scroll of Heroes. Seeing no other alternative, the lowliest of Exalted, the Dragon-Blooded, murdered the decadent Solar Exalted and locked their souls away.

Obsidian Shards of Infinity Style is It's like being the centerpiece of a heavy metal album cover, whether you're trying to be a hero or not. Adamant a super-solid crystal that is refined down to the sharpest substance known.

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