Freakonomics: O Lado Oculto e Inesperado de Tudo Q (Em Portugues do Brasil) Third, there are books like mine [pdf] that try to explain how to improve failing. 23 jun. Download PDF Freakonomics, PDF Download Freakonomics, Download Freakonomics, PDF Freakonomics, Ebook Freakonomics, Epub. download NOW DOWNLOAD PDF Steven D. Levitt DOWNLOAD PDF Freakonomics [Revised and.

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12min is a platform that chooses, reads and summarizes the most important non- fiction books. Start your free trial and discover a faster way of learning!. freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side. band full score band,prs t1,ps3 portugues,psr ,psychiatric drug withdrawal a for prescribers . Freakonomics Radio Live: “Would You Eat a Piece of Chocolate Shaped Like Dog Poop?” (Ep. ). What your disgust level says about your politics, how.

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No notes for slide. Book details Author: Steven D. Levitt Pages: William Morrow Language: English ISBN Description this book Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? Dubner, an award- winning author and journalist. The inner workings of a crack 4. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 6. Levitt Click this link: You just clipped your first slide!

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So In fairness, had freakonomics not included all the articles and references, I would have rated it a 4. Some chapters, depending on the information, was more interesting than others.

I found the chapter on crime rates dropping due to abortion to be particularly intriguing. They present a valuable side of an argument that I had never pondered. The chapter on how names can affect your success was also very interesting and just learning how they generate that data and how and when the names overlap.

Very interesting. All in all, I would recommend this book to all my friends who appreciate random tidbits of information or who have a curiosity towards economics and how it plays a part in random parts of our world. Hardcover Verified download. I though that the book was useful in this respect in helping people understand what I do.

Indeed, the most common reaction I get from people when telling them that I am an economist is that they have read Freakonomics, which implies that they have at least seen some work similar to what I do at aguanomics. I just read this book revision, and it's made me think a bit more about how we economists communicate with the general public, and I think that some ways are better than others. First, there are textbooks, which describe the tools that economists use to put their theories into practice.

All I remember was a lot of math and curves. Third, there are books like mine [pdf] that try to explain how to improve failing policies using basic economic insights and incentives. Finally, there are books like Freakonomics that reproduce academic papers in a popular form. Freakonomics is therefore NOT the book that I would recommend to anyone interested in a learning economic theory, b learning about how economists think, or c understanding the world or thinking of ways to improve it.

This book with a memorable but useless name provides readers with just-so stories that are good for cocktail conversations but not for understanding economics. Not only do Steve and Steve back off from the main claims of the original paper they add other factors , but this theory has been falsified by others see this and this.

Real estate agents serve themselves better than they serve clients when selling their own homes. As a former real estate agent, I had to agree with their basic premise, but I thought their explanation too simplistic. Looking over their other chapters on cheating sumo wrestlers, drug dealers who live with their moms, the KKK as a multilevel marketing organization, etc.

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The authors say that they want you to ask more questions and see the world differently, but what tools have they given to you in this book? Freakonomics does not really reveal the hidden side of everything. Does this statistical analysis mean that those street dealers are irrational? As all economics students learn, you need to look at their opportunity cost i.

In this case, street dealers are a NOT condemned to death, b not able to find other work with their experience, and c not aware of their statistical mortality as much as their potential wealth.

As I explain later on, he does not deliver the last word on pretty much any topic in this book. However, just as right encouragement can force individuals to obey the rules, the wrong incentive can encourage them to cheat.

For example, in the United States, standardized school exams have become a common practice in public schools. With the goal of promoting better education, the No Child Left Behind rewards schools that improve their test scores and penalizes those with failing scores. Because there is a tangible benefit in achieving good test scores and perhaps even more importantly a distinct disadvantage in having poor results, there is a great incentive for teachers to cheat.

Some teachers may feel tempted to substitute the wrong answers for their students' right answers, and thus their schools perform better. The incentive to have good results and avoid bad ones can overcome the fear of doing something wrong or the risk of being caught. Examine What Popular Wisdom Says When you imagine a drug dealer, you may think of an armed person who has access to a significant amount of money.

If they have that kind of money, then why do most traffickers still live with their mother? You only believe that drug dealers live dangerous lives surrounded by money because you have absorbed this information from popular wisdom.

Traditional wisdom is usually a belief, opinion or judgment about an individual issue, already accepted by society.

The problem is that once knowledge is recognized as popular wisdom, it is tough to correct it, even if its premise is false. Social and economic behaviors are complex, and their understanding can be complicated. Therefore, people cling to these ideas that are already common.

Traditional wisdom is usually introduced by leading thinkers or experts in a particular industry, but these experts often make their observations and assumptions without ever checking the facts.

These conclusions, then, are passed on to other specialists, who lend authority to the argument.


The answer to why a typical drug dealer still lives with his mother was discovered by Sudhir Venkatesh, who spent six years with a gang in Chicago, studying their habits. He found that the reason most drug dealers still lived with their mothers was simply that they did not make enough money. So why do they continue in this challenging and dangerous work? The answer is not financial. Drug gangs are like businesses: they have a pyramid-like organizational format, based on a hierarchy. People in the base of the pyramid the street workers have the difficult task of selling drugs and participating in gang wars, hoping that one day they will climb to the top of the pyramid, where there are big rewards.

So the reality is that, contrary to popular belief, drug dealers do not make much money. That shows that what most people believe to be the truth may not always be the case. Several factors are associated with this decline, including an increase in the number of police officers, an increase in penalties for criminals and a change in the drug market.

But what about abortion? Could legalizing abortion be a contributing factor to this decline? Nicolae Ceausescu became a dictator in Romania in A year later, he made abortion illegal. He thought it could make Romania stronger by increasing the population of the country. The only women who were allowed to abort were those who already had four children and those in a high position in the Communist Party.

The pressure on women was so intense that government officials forced them to take pregnancy tests on the job. Women who did not get pregnant were forced to pay a celibacy tax. Within a year, the birth rate in Romania doubled. Under the dictatorial regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, ordinary people of Romania lived a miserable life. However, the consequences were worse for children born after the abortion ban: they were worse off than those born a year earlier, including their schooling achievements and their success at work.

After abortion became illegal in Romania, more children were born in poverty and were, therefore, more likely to engage in criminal activity. If the ban on abortion can lead to increased crime, it is not difficult to apply the same logic to explain why crime is declining in the United States.

It may be that there are fewer unwanted children. Women in the US have access to abortion, children who are born have better prospects in life and are less likely to engage in crime for economic reasons. Privileged Information Ca Be Advantageous Real estate brokers make a lot of money at the expense of asymmetric informational. They need to use insider information to convince their customers to download or sell real estate.

Consider for a moment that you want to sell your home. Selling a home is not a routine transaction, and you may not know much about the real estate market. One of your biggest problems will be the price of the house. If you assign a meager price on your home, you may not get the money you deserve. But if your price is too high, your home may not be sold.Agora, personalize o nome do seu painel de recortes. So what happens next? Full Name Comment goes here.

Dubner, journalists and winners of numerous awards. Women in the US have access to abortion, children who are born have better prospects in life and are less likely to engage in crime for economic reasons. But what about abortion? They need to use insider information to convince their customers to download or sell real estate.

What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?

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