The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. How Robin Hood Cane to Be an Outlaw. IN MERRY ENGLAND in the time of old, when good King. Henry the Second. Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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the Curtal Friar There was a tinker, two barefoot friars, and six of the King's foresters clothe The Merry A Biology Questions and Answers. Pages·· Pyle, Howard - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Read more · Howard Pyle - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood · Read more. The adventures of the outlaw Robin Hood and his merry men as they evade the king and overcome many a foe in Sherwood Forest.

I am going to St Mary's Abbey. This money is for the abbot.

Perhaps he will wait another year, but I think not. I think that he will ask for my lands - and my home too. Tell us your name, friend, and tell us your story too. Perhaps we can help. His name was Richard of Lee, and his son killed a man in a fight.

The man died, and the Sheriff of Nottingham's men took the boy away. Did he ask for money? This happened last year. Now I have to pay the abbot.

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He wants 13 one thousand, one hundred pounds - and I can only give him six hundred. But first, let's try something Tell him that you do not have the money.

Ask him to help you. Ask him to wait another year!

On the table there were bags of gold. He went to the window and looked out. I think my friend, the sheriff, is right. Sir Richard cannot pay my one thousand, one hundred pounds. So this evening, I will be Lord of his house and his lands! Do you have my money? I hope you will be kind. Next year I want my money now Pay me the one thousand, one hundred pounds, or your house and lands will be mine this evening!

It is a lot of money for me. Next year I hope Do you have my gold -yes or no? This good man and his family will sleep in their home tonight. The abbot's face was very red. He opened his mouth and then closed it again. What could he say?

Later, in the forest, Little John told the story to Robin Hood and the other men. But the abbot will tell the sheriff, and the sheriff will also be angry. They are dangerous men. Sir Richard has to be careful. Lords and ladies and the people from the villages came. They ate and drank. This year, the Sheriff of Nottingham came too, with fifty of his men.

He watched Marian carefully. I know he will come today. Then my men can catch him. A man went to Marian and spoke to her. She smiled and gave him her hand. That's Robin Hood! Take him! The sheriff's men took out their swords and moved through the dancers. Suddenly ten of the dancers ran for their swords too. They were, of course, Robin's men, and a great fight began. Robin's men were better fighters than the sheriff's.

Marian wanted to fight too, but her father stopped her. Put down that sword! I am sorry about Robin — no other man will marry you. You are only interested in fighting! I will marry her, then she will help me find Robin Hood.

Lord Fitzwalter watched them through a window.

He was not happy. Please go to your room. I will speak to him. He put his hand on Lord Fitzwalter's arm and smiled.

Perhaps one day a husband will I like a strong woman - and Marian is also very beautiful. I will be a good husband. I have lands, money - and important friends. He was now very unhappy. Marian wanted to marry Robin and no other man - he knew that.

I will talk to Marian but He can be your friend too. Think carefully! I am afraid of the prince. Please marry the sheriff, and forget Robin Fitzooth. I will not marry the sheriff, but he will be angry with me, not you. Tomorrow I will leave the house very early and stay with my uncle. The sheriff will come late in the morning. Tell your men to look for me. Look in every room. Be very angry. Then the sheriff will think that you know nothing!

Go then to my brother's house.

But who will go with you? He fights too well for a churchman. People say that the Abbot of St Mary's hates him. The friar had to leave the abbey. He is a greedy man.

Friar Tuck is greedy too - he eats more than ten men! But he is a brave man and very strong. Yes, take Friar Tuck with you.

The friar took his staff and Marian took her bow and arrows. Then they left the house and walked on the Great North Road through the forest. After some hours, the friar suddenly left the road and sat down under a tree. Stay here.

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I will take your staff and my bow and arrow, and catch some animals. She saw a deer. Very quietly, she took out an arrow and put it to her bow. The man spoke very loudly. The deer jumped at the noise and ran away into the trees.

Marian was very angry. She turned to the speaker but he wore a big hood. She couldn't see his face. The Sheriff of Nottingham killed two men last week because they caught a deer. Leave now - or fight!

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Planet PDF - The PDF User

Well, you have a staff and I have one too. I will fight with you -with one hand! She was strong and quick. With only one hand, the man could not win. She hit him again and again on his head and across his back. Will you come with me, and be one of my men? Her lovely red hair fell down her back. Is nobody with you? The deer was for him. But I think that he will be happy to eat at Robin Hood's table.

They called his name but there was no answer. Perhaps he thinks that the sheriff's men caught me! Friar Tuck will marry us. Let's find him. Perhaps he will want to live with us. She came each day to the forest. He doesn't want to marry us because he is 20 'Robin! And the sheriff will find me at my uncle's house. Oh, where is Friar Tuck? Only he can help us. Now he lives near the river. For one penny, he will take people across the river in his boat.

When poor people cannot pay, he carries them across on his back! People say he loves good food and a good fight. He is a very strange friar, I think. I'd like to try him! He saw the friar's little house, and his boat. Will you take me in your boat? I have some money and I can pay you well. He came quickly across the river. Robin gave him a penny and walked to the boat. But he didn't get in. He pushed the boat and it moved slowly away, down the river. What are you doing? Robin took out his sword.

He looked at Robin's sword and then walked into the water. Robin climbed onto his back and they went slowly to the middle of the river. Then the friar suddenly stopped, stood up, and threw Robin into the water.

Friar Tuck could swim more quickly than Robin. I do not have a sword because I am a churchman. And I can kill a man with my two hands! Robin climbed out of the river.

Here, my boys! She is right - you are a good fighter!

Will you come and live in the forest? Will you be our friar? Then he left his house by the river. Now he was one of Robin's men. There was not much snow on the ground and people could again use the Great North Road.

Then he can pay us five hundred pounds. That is not too expensive for our best forest deer, our whitest bread and our finest wine! He didn't have to wait long. Two churchmen on beautiful white horses were on the road.

The two men wore expensive clothes. They were afraid, and they often looked into the forest. Little John came out of the forest and moved to the middle of the road. Are we near the abbey? We don't want to be on this road at night. People say robbers live in the forests near here! After a few minutes they saw smoke and then a fire. Robin's men were there. This is not the abbey! We hope you will stay for dinner! So they got down from their horses and sat at Robin's table.

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Robin's men brought them meat, wine and bread. The food was very good, but the churchmen couldn't eat. They were too afraid. With a little church gold, we can help the abbot's villagers. On the abbot's land there are many poor families. Please don't kill us! Then he called to Robin Hood.

There is no money in their bags. My Lord Abbot is waiting for us. You can pay for your dinner with those. Take them off! Here, in the forest? The two men slowly took off all their clothes. The robbers looked at the churchmen and began to laugh Under their clothes, each man had five large money bags.

There is gold in these bags! One hundred pounds in each bag. Perhaps somebody put the gold there! Go now and tell the good abbot. Robin Hood found one thousand pounds! You can wear our old clothes, and walk to the abbey. He will not be a happy man. My wife and her friends made them.

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The abbot took that money last year - and yesterday the church gave it back to me! I would like to give your wife this beautiful white horse. Collection newyorkpubliclibrary ; americana. Digitizing sponsor MSN.

Contributor New York Public Library. Language English. The adventures of the outlaw Robin Hood and his merry men as they evade the king and overcome many a foe in Sherwood Forest The adventures of the outlaw Robin Hood and his merry men as they evade the king and overcome many a foe in Sherwood Forest. Bookplateleaf Call number Camera Canon 5D. Copyright-evidence Evidence reported by scanner-nicole-deyo for item merryadventureso00pyle2 on September 6, Copyright-evidence-date Copyright-evidence-operator scanner-nicole-deyo.

Pyle adapted it and gave the wrestler the identity of David of Doncaster , one of Robin's band in the story " Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow ". In his novelistic treatment of the tales, Pyle thus developed several characters who had been mentioned in only one ballad, such as David of Doncaster or Arthur a Bland.

Pyle's book continued the 19th-century trend of portraying Robin Hood as a heroic outlaw who robs the rich to feed the poor; this portrayal contrasts with the Robin Hood of the ballads, where the protagonist is an out-and-out crook, whose crimes are motivated by personal gain rather than politics or a desire to help others.

Pyle has Robin kill only one man, who shoots at him first. Tales are changed in which Robin steals all that an ambushed traveler carried, such as the late 18th-century ballad " Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford ", so that the victim keeps a third and another third is dedicated to the poor.

Pyle did not have much concern for historical accuracy, but he renamed the queen-consort in the story " Robin Hood and Queen Katherine " as Eleanor of Aquitaine. This made her compatible historically with King Richard the Lion-Hearted , with whom Robin eventually makes peace.The big man laughed. On their first visit to Farnsfield, the sheriff and his men took money and food.

He watched Marian carefully. I am not afraid. I know he will come today.

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