Also, Bloodbound is one of few power metal bands, and really amazing one. ' Book of the Dead' is actually more of an anthemic piece of metal more suited for. Book of the Dead is the second album by metal band Bloodbound. It is the first with Pelle Åkerlind on drums, and the only one to feature the German vocalist. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead at Discogs. Complete your Bloodbound collection.

Bloodbound Book Of The Dead

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Book Of The Dead on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Book Of The Dead on Discogs. Bloodbound - Book of the Dead - Music.

It ups the ante slightly in terms of the technical elements at play in the debut, further exploiting the shredding talents of Tomas Olsson and also bringing in a slightly greater role for keyboardist and co-founder Fredrik Bergh, who also ended up handling bass duties on this album.

Expect a bit less conservatism, but definitely expect a stellar piece of celebratory power metal at a time when things were definitely shifting in an AOR direction. After Nosferatu, here comes another one. Bloodbound look like an unstoppable heavy metal force, and they continue Nosferatu tradition with another strong studio album, which doesn't have any very good, nor good or mediocre song.

All of these songs are perfectly well made, and I really enjoy this release. There is a difference in line-up, but most notable is the vocalist change. Urban Breed, guy who did an outstanding job on Nosferatu album is gone. But who cares, they got excellent replacement called Michael Bormann. I think that Tomas Olsson said they had so much line-up changes, because some band members did that just for money.

If that is the reason, I salute that. Anyone who does heavy metal music just for money is a poser, and there is no room for him, specially not in a bands like Bloodbound. But that is not good thing with constant line-up changes, at least not for a new band. This studio album is massive.

Songs are slightly different than songs on Nosferatu, because of Michel's vocals. Hard rock-type singer meets power metal band. That is truly a killer combination, as devastating as nuclear bomb. But this bomb is more awesome, and much more mind-blowing. Influences on Nosferatu were obvious, but here you can't tell easily who inspired Bloodbound. This is not even much similar to Accept, no. This album is really original, and as far as I know, there is nothing that can be compared with Book Of The Dead.

Book of the Dead

Ok, maybe lead guitars and drum galloping give Iron Maiden feel, but not so much. Although hate-boys just wait to compare this band to any other, and to say how unoriginal this band is. I never said Bloodbound is the most original, nor anything like that, but this album and Tabula Rasa are their much more original work.

The most catchiest songs from this album are: That's because these songs have unbelievable and memorable refrains, excellent lead guitar work, amazing drum rhythms, which have deadly combination with these orgasmic lead guitars. That combination of leads and drums takes these songs into a whole new level. All of this would not be enough without these amazing riffs, specially in a song Book Of The Dead, which sounds like a heavy metal anthem.

Every song has excellent structure, so, every song has tempo which really fits these melodies, guitar solos, singing parts and riffs.

They are all great sing-along songs, and every metalhead should have great time while listening to this album.

What would this album be without great technical, fast, creative and unique guitar solos? That's right, each song has amazing guitar solo, and each one is so memorable. Specially guitar solo in the song Black Heart.

That one is really excellent ballad, full of clean guitar arpeggios, power chords, dark themed, but "romantic" lyrics. That one is so special song, with calm tempo, excellent drums, guitars and powerful vocals. Lyrics are standard like on Nosferatu album. Topics like Purgatory, Heaven and Hell, good and evil, beware of Satan, and stuff like that. Well, that really fits heavy metal music, and these topics are present since the early heavy metal years, which started with Black Sabbath.

After some time, and more careful listens Sign Of The Devil and Turn To Stone will grow on listener, and that completes the image of this amazing studio album.

Good sides of this release: Strong, blazing, powerful, creative and catchy riffs, memorable, technical, orgasmic and creative guitar solos, amazing lead guitar work. Creative drum work which gives special pleasant feel in each of these songs, and it has really killer combination with these lead guitars.

The closer "Seven Angels" is the longest one here, and it's got this cool, galloping Maidenish riff that runs through the whole song.

Very well done. This band does their choruses extremely well, with several tracks having these monstrous anthemic choruses that sound pretty dark and evil for power metal, too.

And their riffs and solos are all clear and very well executed, the band has a great set of axemen! There are a few filler-ish cuts here, but they're still delightful slices of the same dark power metal that the band perfected on the other tracks here.

Not every band can make an album of stellar cuts anyway. The other problem with this band is that when they speed up their music, they become more generic ala Nocturnal Rites and Cryonic Temple, yet when they slow things down and get really evil and badass, they have their own unique sound.

I wish they'd do it more often than on just two songs. But then we have songs on another level like the title track and "Sign of the Devil", which sound nothing like the aforementioned bands, and are completely awesome. While Bloodbound aren't renovating the power metal genre hell, their name seems to have been ripped from the Hammerfall track of the same title , this album is better than most of the generic crap being thrown around these days.

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BLOODBOUND - Book Of The Dead

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BLOODBOUND — Book of the Dead

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From the album

Uriah Heep — The Magician's Birthday. Wishbone Ash — Argus.One more time, the guys of Bloodbound prove that they're among the best musicians of the Heavy metal scene.

Previous Next. Mind you, the guitars are still there, but the riffs and melodies are far too unexciting and Maiden-worshipping to warrant any attention and completely overshadowed by the vocal melodies.

Guitareros Thomas and Henrik Olsson did a solid job here. Full Of Hell.

Rammstein Rammstein. Imagine a whiskey-abusing version of the guy in Axel Rudi Pell and you have as good a comparison as I could think of. Myrath Shehili. Made of Steel Lyrics.

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