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Never Love a Highlander book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya Banks' tril. In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya's trilogy comes to its stunning conclusion, as the youngest McCabe brother uses sword and seduction to save his. Page 1 of Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy 3), Read Novels Online, Free Novels, Best Books, Top Novels.

Nope, nope, nope!

He doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that she's only "playing. She must be submissive to him in real life!

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Her only duty is running the keep read: chores and bearing him children! Also he has a horrible habit of fucking her while she's sleeping so she always wakes up surprised to find a penis inside her. I know women who have gotten divorced because of this shit.

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O Who the fuck are you trying to kid? I'm not saying, "Never give blowjobs" or anything - far from it.

When did you get brainwashed? This really makes me laugh. You're honestly trying to convince me that giving a blowjob is more enjoyable than names 50 other sexual activities?

LOL You're too funny. I don't mind blowjobs in romance books, but I DO mind when they start spouting this shit about blowjobs being the pinnacle of women's pleasure.

The weather for her first wedding had been a splendor of nature. An unseasonably warm day in January. Quite balmy with nary a breeze to ruffle her carefully arranged hair.

It was as if the world stood still to witness the joining of two souls. The weather for her second wedding? Gloomy and dank with a winter storm pushing in from the west.

Already a brisk chill had set in and the wind blew in fierce, relentless sheets. As if the world knew just how uncertain she was about the man who stood beside her, ready to recite the vows that would bind him to her forever.

A shiver skirted up her spine despite the fact that they stood in front of the huge fire in the great hall. Caelen frowned and stepped closer to Rionna as if to shield her from the draft blowing through the furs at the window. She took a hasty step back before thinking better of it. The man made her nervous, and not many people intimidated her.


Rionna cast a quick glance around, hoping no one had witnessed that particular exchange. Even if she was. He looked anxious to be done with the whole thing. His new wife, Keeley, was above stairs recovering from a wound that had nearly ended her life.

He sat regally by the fire, looking on with approval as the priest droned on.

Never Love a Highlander

Around him, also sitting, were the many lairds from neighboring lands. All waiting for the alliance between the McDonalds and the McCabes. An alliance that would be sealed upon her marriage to Caelen McCabe, the youngest—and last—McCabe brother.

Her gaze skittered from the king and assembled lairds to her dour-faced father who sat away from the assembled warriors, an unmanly, sullen pout twisting his features.

For a moment their stares locked and then his lip turned up into a snarl.

It was probably disloyal of her. She became aware that all eyes were on her.But was it an epic story with a woman who truly was a warrior and kick-ass and brave and all-around awesome?

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She was but a pawn to be used and discarded. It was not about Rionna. I will say right off that my half star deduction is for Caeden. Not that she loved Ewan or Alaric McCabe, but after being betrothed to both, then turned away at the last minute, she feels like discarded trash when she is forced to marry the only other McCabe brother there is - Caelan.

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